minatomirai, yokohama (by satoshi)

Queue is set up.

The Catcher in the Rye Promo!


I’m about halfway through the novel and I’m going to try to finish it before 5:00 pm! 

  • Must be following me!
  • Reblogs only, likes don’t count 
  • Must reach at least 20 notes 
  • Everyone promoted in lists with favorites bolded +2 solos
  • No triggering blogs please! xx

If you follow/are already following my text blog, message me here to tell me so I can put you on another promo list on my queue! 

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It won’t matter

I can go jump in front of a train. Take a bottle of pills. Slit my wrist and it still wouldn’t matter

I want to die. This all is too much to handle.

Anonymous: Is tumblr user aromatist okay have you talked to her?? She won't answer me and I'm terrified

I haven’t talked to her but from her blog she seems to be okay. I hope you’re okay darling